Thursday, January 11, 2007

First Batch

Earliest one at the bottom; later ones at the top.

The text says, "Where did you learn about the moon?"

The quote is one of my favorites: "No, no, no, no! Okay."

The text says, "Well that's another place I didn't expect to find a truck."

The text says, "Your offering of broccoli has made me cross."

The text says, "I am taking my grandma now."

The text says, "Do you know the difference between wanting yogurt and not wanting yogurt?"

The text says "The doggie and the shoggoth can be friends."

The text says "Bye bye juice."

The text says, "After I touch it, I sit in it."

The text says, "Run through the puddle and after that run through the puddle and after that run through the puddle and after that...."

The text says, "What have you done with Mommy's shoe?"

The text says, "I have a complicated relationship with water."

The text reads, "Though you're not here, I can still read your name on last year's sugar skull."

The quote says "Everything must be put somewhere else."

Text reads, "Even I do not like Rottweiler spit."

The text says "Not shy, just falling asleep."

The quote says, "Truck! Round and round and round."

The text for the day says, "You already have friends I don't know about."

Not sure how readable the text is; anyway, it says "We're playing dog toss."

The text says, "When I drink my bottle of pedialite, I like to play with my ears. Or sometimes Daddy's lower lip."

The text is a little indecipherable even by my standards; it reads "When he gets a CD, he opens it, takes it apart, and utterly destroys it."

Text got cut off a little due to inept scanning; it should read "This chair cannot hold me...I must have salt! Or I could just dance..."

The text reads: "The water from the fountain goes in one exact spot. Then there is mud and you can put your hand in it. 7/17/05"


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